Red Sandstone

minecraft red sandstone
crafting red sandstone
Ingredients: Red Sand.
Description: Sandstone and red sandstone are solid blocks, with sandstone commonly found in deserts and beaches.

Chiseled Stone Brick

minecraft chiseled stone brick
crafting chiseled stone brick
Ingredients: Stone Brick Slab.
Description: Chiseled stone brick is yet another variant of stone bricks. It is found in jungle temples and in the basements of igloos.

Mossy Stone Brick

minecraft mossy stone brick
crafting mossy stone brick
Ingredients: Stone Brick and Vines.
Description: Mossy stone brick is another variant, which is yet also found in strongholds.

Moss Stone

minecraft moss stone
crafting moss stone
Ingredients: Cobblestone and Vines.
Description: Moss stone is a block of cobblestone with moss growing in its cracks.

Moss stone can be mined using any pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, it will drop nothing.

Slime Block

minecraft slime block
crafting slime block
Ingredients: Slimeball.
Description: The slime block is a transparent block with unique properties.

Landing on a slime block won’t cause fall damage unless you are sneaking.

An interesting quirk of slime blocks (and end portal frames and monster spawners) is that they are transparent in their rendering only – unlike all other transparent blocks, they can have torches and redstone placed on them, conduct a redstone current, will suffocate mobs, and more.

Slime blocks cause movement on top of them to slow down.

Coarse Dirt

minecraft coarse dirt
crafting coarse dirt
Ingredients: Dirt and Gravel.
Description: Coarse dirt is a variation of dirt that will not grow grass.

Coarse dirt has the ability to grow saplings, sugar canes, and mushrooms, which can be planted directly under appropriate conditions.

Neither mycelium nor grass will spread onto coarse dirt.

Coarse dirt can be tilled to become dirt.

Sea Lantern

minecraft sea lantern
crafting sea lantern
Ingredients: Prismarine Crystals and Prismarine Shard.
Description: Sea lanterns are underwater light sources that appear in ocean monuments.

Sea lantern itself can only be obtained when mined with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch. When broken using anything other than a Silk Touch enchanted tool, it drops 2–3 prismarine crystals. The Fortune enchantment increases the amount of prismarine crystals dropped. This method of obtaining sea lanterns is wasteful though; the 4 prismarine shards and up to 3 of the prismarine crystals used to craft it are non-retrievable.

Dark Prismarine

minecraft dark prismarine
crafting dark prismarine
Ingredients: Prismarine Shard and Ink Sac.
Description: Dark prismarine is a decorative form of prismarine; it is dark, with a tight grid pattern.